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 Our production teams are experts at bringing together all the pieces - writing, shooting, editing, animation, talent, audio and graphics. No matter where you are or what your budget is we want to help you get the best possible results. So give us a call at 239-440-3661 or E-mail us and lets get started.

What's most important to us is helping you reach your marketing and storytelling goals. Online video is the most powerful tool that marketing has ever seen. If it's not part of your marketing strategy, then your missing an opportunity to convert people who are looking for your product or services in to customers or clients. The key is in the engagement of your target audience. If you can show them what they want to know versus, tell them what they want to know, they are statistically, 85% more likely to buy your product or service. Engage and inform. That's the first component of any marketing strategy. Gaining a competitive edge can make the difference between subsistence and prosperity. Connect to your target market in a way that only video can do and your return on your investment will be sublime.

Storytelling and emotional engagement are the two most important elements that make a great corporate video. That story could be the journey of your company and how you've helped people or it can be an inspiring or fun story that illustrates how you help your customers be successful. Most people don't enjoy watching a marketing video that is just a bunch of facts. You need to be selective about your highest value propositions are and share those. That also means you may need to leave some value propositions on the cutting room floor, but your website and your sales team can address those. 

Your video should be a conversation starter, not a replacement for the conversation. If you position your video in this manner, you will captivate your audience and leave them wanting to read more or pick up the phone and call your sales team.