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General Questions

Can you quote on a 10-15 minute video?

Absolutely! First let’s set a time to discuss your messages and expected outcomes. Duration, should be governed by the quality of the content and how it resonates with your audience. We want you to be confident you’re getting the right video for your business.

We now have a budget, can you adjust your quote?

Sure! Quotation changes typically reflect the amount of time we can allocate to your project. A cost variation will never compromise the communication of your video, just the way in which we execute it.

What does a corporate video cost?

The average price for a corporate video in is $7K-$10K. Our packages typically range from $5K - $20K. Remember, you're paying for expertise, experience and the key people responsible for producing your video.


What does a camera operator cost?

Cameraman prices range between $1K - $1,500 per day, depending on equipment and experience. This includes a professional camera operator with high definition camera, sound and lighting.

What’s the process?

Production process is broken into three main areas. Pre-Production / Planning, Production / filming and Post-Production / Editing.

Detailed Questions

How long will it take?

On a $20K project, the average turnaround is 3 weeks. When your job is approved, scheduling the production is one of our first steps.

How much time do I need to invest?

You’ll need to sign off on the script and completed video, which we’ll schedule for you. Once you provide all necessary information, you can spend as much time as you like. The more flexible you are, the faster the production process and delivery.

Should we use our employees in the video?

If you're wanting to put a face to your brand, then yes let us coach your employees and turn them into stars. A senior executive on screen, can dramatically increase video engagement. We’ll supply release forms for your convenience.

Will you supply a professional presenter?

Yes, we have a great catalogue of presenters, actors and voice artists. They’ll consistently deliver your content and bring your script to life.